Wyatt switches from defence to religion

Caroline Wyatt

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Caroline Wyatt is to replace Robert Pigott as religious affairs correspondent for BBC News.

Currently defence correspondent - a role she took up in 2007 - the convent-educated Wyatt has been tasked with being 'ambitious' for the scope of her new brief, 'covering religion, faith and ethics at home and abroad'.

A former Moscow correspondent, who was also embedded with British troops during the 2003 Iraq invasion, she will take up the role in July, after covering the D Day anniversary and Armed Forces Day next month.

'I'm really looking forward to exploring the religious faultlines around the globe, looking at the challenges posed at home and abroad by religious extremism, and covering the beliefs and ethics of the billions of people of different faiths around the world,' she told Ariel.

'I'm also keen to explore the scientific debate over religion and the nature of belief, and reflect on what religion means to people in the UK and elsewhere.'

She explained that she wanted the BBC's news coverage of religious affairs to show all the faces of religion - 'how it can be harnessed for great good, but also be used to divide nations and communities, sometimes with terrible consequences'.

Wyatt paid tribute to Pigott, saying he had carried out the role 'brilliantly' for the past decade.

He will continue to cover the Synod until July, as the Church of England governing body moves closer to a decision on whether or not to allow women priests to become bishops.

He will then join the general pool as a news correspondent, working on a range of stories for a variety of platforms.

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