BBC to suspend membership of CBI for Scottish referendum

BBC base in Glasgow's Pacific Quay

The BBC will suspend its membership of the CBI between May 30 and September 18 because of impartiality concerns ahead of the Scottish referendum.

The employers' organisation - which lobbies for businesses on a national and international level - has registered as a supporter of the Better Together campaign, which advocates that Scotland should remain in the UK.

The BBC's suspension of its membership will cover the period during which the CBI is registered with the pro-UK campaign.

The BBC and the CBI have jointly released a statement that said: 'In order to protect the BBC's neutrality, the CBI and the BBC have agreed to suspend the BBC's membership during the business group's registration period under the terms of the Scottish Referendums Act 2013.'

ITV, which is also a member of the CBI, will not temporarily renounce its membership. Broadcaster STV has.

According to CBI's website, 'Members can regularly network, learn what other businesses are doing and exchange experiences with business leaders, senior international figures and the government.'

Voters in Scotland will be asked in a referendum whether they want an independent Scotland on September 18.


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