Learning Welsh with Hinterland

Hinterland cast: Mali Harries, Richard Harrington, Alex Harries and Hannah Daniel BBC Four's version of Hinterland is mainly in English with some Welsh dialogue

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When BBC Four aired Scandi-noirs The Killing and The Bridge, fans revelled in picking up new phrases such as tak (thanks).

Now the channel's viewers can boost their knowledge of the Welsh language - or Cymraeg - as Aberystwyth crime thriller Hinterland starts on Monday night.

The highly-anticipated drama has been made in two versions - an entirely Welsh production was shown on S4C last year, while bilingual episodes debuted on BBC One Wales in January.

Even before filming finished, the four-part series was snapped up by Danish broadcaster DR - makers of The Killing and Borgen. The on-demand website Netflix will also make the drama, starring Richard Harrington and Mali Harries, available for their North American subscribers.

So here's a handy guide to some Welsh phrases you may come across in Hinterland (Y Gwyll). If you're feeling confident, there are some criminally advanced ones from BBC Wales media correspondent Huw Thomas further down.

Useful phrases

  • Greetings: Cyfarchion (pronunciation: kuh-varrch-eeon)
  • Good morning: Bore da (bo-reh dar)
  • Good night: Nos da (noss dar)
  • Goodbye: Hwyl fawr (who-will vawrr)
  • How are you?: In north Wales, it's sut mae? (sit my); for south Wales, it's shw'mae? (shoo my)
  • Please: Formally, it's os gwelwch yn dda (oss gwel-ooch un thar); informally, it's os gweli di'n dda (oss gwel-ee dean thar)
  • Thank you [very much]: Diolch [yn fawr iawn] (dee-olch un vawr ee-awn)
  • [You're] Welcome: Croeso (croy-so)
  • Cheers! (Good health): Iechyd da! (ye-ch-id dar)
  • Sorry: For north Wales, it's mae'n ddrwg gen i (mine throog ghen ee); in the south, it's mae'n flin gyda fi (mine vleen geeda vee)
  • Welsh: Cymraeg (kum-rye-g)
Ruth Jones as Nessa Nessa’s catchphrase "Oh, what's occurring?" from Gavin and Stacey translates as "O, beth sy'n digwydd?" (pronunciation: Oh, beth scene dig-with)

Whodunnit? Pwy wnaeth e?

  • There's a body in the bath: Mae 'na gorff yn y (my nah gorph un urr bath)
  • There's blood everywhere: Mae'r gwaed ym mhob man (my g-wide umm m-hob mann)
  • Call the police! Galwch yr heddlu! (gal-ooch urr heth-lee)
  • You're under arrest: Rwy'n eich arestio chi (rooh-in aych ah-rest-yoh chee)
  • When will we get the results of the autopsy? Pryd ddaw'r canlyniadau yn ôl o'r awtopsi? (preed thou-r can-lun-yad-eye unn all ore ow-top-see)
  • A beautiful spot for a murder: Man hyfryd ar gyfer llofruddiaeth (mann huv-rid are guv-air llov-rith-yaeth)
Richard Harrington running in countryside with hilly backdrop DCI Tom Mathias (Richard Harrington) goes for a jog in Ceredigion in mid Wales

Thanks to Melfyn Clwyd Roberts from the BBC Wales press office for help with Welsh translations

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