Online first for Chris Lilley's Jonah from Tonga series

Jonah From Tonga cast Summer Heights High character Jonah gets his own show

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Chris Lilley's new comedy will be simulcast on the iPlayer and an Australian website next month - nearly a week ahead of the first tv broadcast.

All six episodes of BBC Three acquisition Jonah From Tonga - a spin-off from Summer Heights High - will be available for streaming from the iPlayer during a 48 hour window from Friday, May 2.

Users of ABC Australia's internet tv service iview will also be able to watch the six shows over the same period.

'This is BBC iPlayer's first collaboration with an international broadcaster to create an online TV event,' said Victoria Jaye, head of tv content for the iPlayer.'

'We're excited to see how this digital event sets light to social media activity from fans both here and on the other side of the world.'

Jonah From Tonga - made by Lilley and Princess Pictures in conjunction with ABC TV - picks up with Jonah Takalua (played by Lilley), the rebellious schoolboy star of Summer Heights High who is sent to his native Tonga to learn some life lessons before starting at a Catholic high school in Sydney.

The first episode will be broadcast on BBC Three - which the BBC plans to close as a tv channel next year and move to iPlayer - on May 8.

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