Happy snappers: Staff photography goes on display

An eclectic portfolio of images taken by staff in the BBC Club Photography section is going on display in London's East End.

The free exhibition, which runs between Thursday April 24 and Tuesday April 29, will showcase the best photographic work from the previous year, taken by members of BBC Club Photography.

Now in its seventh year, the showcase collates the work of amateur photographers comprised of current BBC staff or alumni of a variety of ages, abilities and styles.

It will be held for the second successive year at the 5th Base Gallery, just off London's Brick Lane (opening hours and address below).

Here's a taster of some of the works going on display.

Housing Gap/Bedroom Tax by Ant Smith
A profile of a house that seems to have been worn away

'I was in the North East around the time of the bedroom tax debate and saw this demolition site; it seemed to speak volumes about our times,' says Ant Smith. He took this photo in Stockton-on-Tees, near Middlesbrough, while visiting family. Recently, Smith's work was published in Amateur Photographer, one of the UK's oldest and most respected photography magazines.

See more of Ant's work here

Azul Crucero by Fiona Ambrose
A blue taxi

'This Blue Cruiser is a common sight in Cuba,' says Ambrose. 'Due to the US embargo, it's easier for taxi drivers to keep these old beauties going than to afford a new car. The great thing about this scene is it could have been taken anytime in the last 60 years as it truly is the land that has stood still.'

See more of Fiona's work here

Bumblebee Brunch by Karen Hewis
A bee rests on a yellow flower

'Taken on a blazingly hot day in the Botanical Gardens in Lausanne, Switzerland,' explains Hewis.

See more of Karen's work here

Sunset Shadows by Andie Butt
Some shadows on a red floor

'While several coach-loads of tourists gently jostled for prime position at the roadside to watch the sun go down, I was captivated by the shadows they made on the volcanic landscape,' says Andie Butt of this photo taken at Teide National Park, Tenerife.

See more of Andie's work here

Walthamstow Market by Simon Chirgwin
Simon Chirgwin

'Walthamstow Market is apparently the longest street market in Europe. This is about 200m from the western end,' says Chirgwin. 'There's still another 800m or so to go.'

See more of Simon's work here

Bellagio by Stephanie Simmonds
A layer of multi-coloured flower petals with light shining through

'This shot is a close-up of a glass sculpture adorning the ceiling of the lobby at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas,' explains Simmonds about her richly-coloured snap.

Smoke by Simon Thompson
Some blue smoke against a white background

'Having watched a digital effects artist spend over an hour trying to create realistic smoke, I thought how hard can it be? A negative photo of real smoke.'

Where to find it

5th Base Gallery, 23 Heneage Street, E1 5LJ (off Brick Lane) between Thursday 24 and Tuesday 29 April 2014.

Entry to the exhibition is free and photographs are for sale. Staff interested in joining the BBC Club Photography section can find more information here.

Opening times:

Thurs & Mon: 4pm - 8pm

Sat & Sun: 12pm - 9pm

Tues: 4pm - 6pm

Friday: Private view from 6pm

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