BBC boosts its 'selfie' image

Home editor Mark Easton Home editor Mark Easton chose to photograph himself in front of Broadcasting House in London

From its humble beginnings as a social media tag to its pinnacle of fame at the Oscars, the 'selfie' has come a very long way in a short time. The BBC is getting in on the act, by asking people to submit 'selfies' for an examination of who we think we are. 'We would like to see a selfie of you with something that best reflects how you see yourself,' says the story. You have until April 7 to submit a picture.

Not to be left out, a number of well-known BBC names, as well as those not so well known, have been sending in their self-shot pictures for what the BBC has called 'selfie day'. Here's a few:

Caroline Wyatt Caroline Wyatt, defence correspondent, sent this from a Veterans Aid event: 'A privilege to hear & report defence,' she tweeted.
Andrew Harding in front of fish and chip van Andrew Harding, South Africa correspondent, said he likes travel - and fish and chips
Science editor David Shukman Science editor David Shukman sent this picture from Belfast Harbour, where soya from Brazil is being unloaded.
Robert Peston at Marshalsea debtors prison Economics editor Robert Peston took this picture at Marshalsea Debtors Prison in Borough High Street, where he was filming on Friday.
Football commentator Conor McNamara with makeup artist Loretta Parry Football commentator Conor McNamara with makeup artist Loretta Parry, who he said 'is making me look young'.
William Wright at home William Wright, father of three and a presenter on Radio Lincolnshire, said: 'Playtime. Fun time before work.'
BBC Look North's Peter Levy BBC Look North's Peter Levy said he hears all the best stories when he's out of the studio.
Jon Wright Radio Suffolk's Jon Wright shows off his new bicycle helmet for a 130-mile bike ride.
Fergal Keane Fergal Keane is about to interview Irish President Michael D Higgins when he takes this shot.


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