Poets to be inspired by Radio Cymru

Poet Llyr Gwyn Lewis Poet Llyr Gwyn Lewis

BBC Radio Cymru hopes to bring poetry to a wider audience by engaging three poets in residence.

The writers will produce a number of poems in reaction to the conversations, stories, songs or programmes they hear on Radio Cymru. The poems will then be broadcast on the station from next month.

The audience will be able to find out what inspires Welsh poets Llyr Gwyn Lewis, Karen Owen and Llion Jones and hear more of their original work.

Betsan Powys, Radio Cymru's programme editor, says she's looking forward to hearing the poets' reactions to radio shows and hopes 'their creative involvement with the station will enrich what we offer'.

Llyr Gwyn Lewis, a young Welsh poet, has previously written a poem influenced by Radio 4's shipping forecast, for which he won a prize.

He says: 'I hope I'll be able to respond to the things that strike me or intrigue me, whether that's a song on a programme on C2 or a fierce debate on Taro'r Post. I won't hesitate to respond in more direct ways if I disagree with some comment that's made or if something winds me up.

'As long as it presents an opportunity to write, I'm greatly looking forward to the chance to listen, to respond, and to write poetry.'


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