BBC orders immigration documentaries

Margaret Mountford and Nick Hewer Margaret Mountford and Nick Hewer previously hosted a programme about benefits

Previously in the job of vetting Apprentice candidates, the formidable Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford will now turn their attention to immigrants in the UK.

The duo will return to BBC One for a two-part social experiment called Nick & Margaret: Immigration - Gain or Drain?

As part of the programme, five UK-born citizens in London have been paired with immigrants to see how they live and work.

Nick and Margaret, meanwhile, will be sent on a fact-finding mission to find out about the impact of immigration by speaking to a range of experts.

Ultimately, each Briton must decide whether the immigrant they've been paired with is a gain or drain.

As part of the same theme, journalist and filmmaker Tim Samuels will also investigate if there's any truth to the dramatic headlines about Romanians waiting to 'invade' British shores for The Romanians Are Coming.

Samuels - who is himself a descendant of Romanian immigrants - starts his exploration in London, where he speaks to business owners on Park Lane about the Roma gypsies who have made their home in the doorways of the expensive street.

The BBC One documentary will also show him visiting Luton Airport on 1 January this year to see the scale of the first wave of the immigration, and travelling to Romania to find out why people want to leave their homeland.

Charlotte Moore, controller of BBC One, said: 'Immigration is one of the most talked about topics of our time, and I commissioned this season to reflect that on BBC One. I hope both Nick and Margaret's audacious social experiment and Tim Samuel's insightful documentary will provoke interesting debate among audiences.'

Both programmes were commissioned by Moore and Emma Willis, head of documentaries for BBC One, Two and Four. They will air this summer.


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