BBC Three hopes to strike a chord with South Side Story

Hotel of Mum and Dad Hotel of Mum and Dad is one of three entertainment shows coming to BBC Three

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BBC Three will experiment with reality television for a new series about musicians and artists living in south London.

South Side Story will combine structured reality with pop performances, as the show's stars sing, dance and go about their lives in front of the camera.

Zai Bennett, controller of BBC Three, says: 'South Side Story promises to bring BBC Three a heady mix of real people's lives and visually stunning performances. It's an experimental new style of storytelling in the reality TV world and is exactly the kind of show we should be experimenting with on BBC Three.'

It's not the first time the channel has experimented with structured reality. Last summer BBC Three broadcast Boom Town, a series about a group of eccentric people who were put into unusual situations devised by the show's producers.

Made by indie Knickerboxerglory, the company behind South Side Story and the successful Pineapple Dance Studios, it was largely panned by critics.

Also coming to BBC Three is a show provisionally called Killer Magic. It follows five young magicians as they compete against each other in a series of tasks, including performing a trick in front of a studio audience. The magician who scores the lowest is then asked to recreate a trick or illusion that carries an amount of risk.

The Hotel of Mum and Dad will also return for a new series, following 12 young couples who live with their parents or in-laws before trying to strike out on their own.

Bennett says the entertainment shows will bring the BBC Three audience 'closer to themselves in extraordinary worlds and circumstances'.

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