12 Shows at Christmas: Just A Christmas Minute

Nicholas Parsons and Paul Merton Nicholas Parsons with regular panellist Paul Merton

Just A Christmas Minute producer Katie Tyrrell has the holidays all wrapped up with a cheerful dash of Nicholas Parsons.

Why should we listen?

Because it's ho-ho-hosted by THE LEGENDARY Nicholas Parsons! He was 90 this year and has been hosting Just A Minute for 46 years and has never missed a show. The Christmas special stars the festively fantastic Paul Merton, Gyles Brandreth, Pam Ayres and Stephen Mangan. What more could you want?

Is there anything you could talk about without hesitation, deviation or repetition?

Er, yes, I'm sure there is, er, probably, hmm, then again probably not, er, no, no there isn't.

Guest Pam Ayres gives tips for avoiding arguments at Christmas. What would your tips be?

Spend Christmas alone. Failing that, listen to Just A Christmas Minute to bring peace and harmony to your irritating loved ones.

What would you like to find in your stocking this Christmas?

Nicholas Parsons.

Will the show fill us with Christmas spirit?

It certainly will - it'll fill all those hard-to-reach places, especially if you're drinking a Christmas toddy, mulled wine or sucking a liqueur chocolate whilst listening.

What fills you with Christmas spirit?

Obviously listening to Just A Christmas Minute and and also 15 Minute Musical, a series of brief musical comedies, written by and starring Richie Webb. Musicals include: Ra Ra It's Putin, Heaven Knows I'm Middle-Aged Now and Julian And The Assanging Tehnicolour Download. In the very first musical for Radio 4, Simon Cowell contemplates ending his career when his guardian angel Susan Boyle appears.

  • Just A Christmas Minute, December 23, Radio 4, 6.30pm


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