Quiz of our year

Christmas Meeb

Do you know your Tims from your Tonys, your DMIs from your PACs and your Mirandas from your Mrs Browns?

It's the time of year to look back and test how much of it you've actually taken in.

Quiz of the year

Are you a BBC boffin? It's time to test your BBC knowledge... You may think you know what's gone on at the Corporation in 2013, but now is your chance to prove it with Ariel's quiz of the year. Good luck!

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was on Desert Island Discs in January. Which artist featured twice on her list?

Aung San Suu Kyi
  1. Tom Jones
  2. Mozart
  3. John Lennon
  4. Cliff Richard

2.) Multiple Choice Question

What aspect of Jeremy Paxman's appearance on Newsnight caused a storm on Twitter in 2013?

Jeremy Paxman
  1. Grew a beard
  2. Didn't wear a tie
  3. Wore a mismatched suit

3.) Multiple Choice Question

This year's The Apprentice was won by Leah Totton. What was her profession before the show?

Leah Totton
  1. Lawyer
  2. Acrobat
  3. Landscape gardener
  4. Doctor

4.) Multiple Choice Question

BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders left her role in November. Where has she gone?

Stephanie Flanders
  1. Cambridge University
  2. JP Morgan
  3. New York Times
  4. United Nations

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of the following statements about 2013's Children in Need is NOT true?

  1. Terry Wogan hosted 34th consecutive year
  2. First time nobody from EastEnders featured
  3. 31 million raised was a record
  4. Supergroup McBusted's first TV performance

6.) Multiple Choice Question

2013 marks 50 years of Dr Who. Whose incarnation of the famous doctor was voted the best by Radio Times readers this year?

Doctor Who phonebox
  1. Tom Baker
  2. David Tennant
  3. Matt Smith
  4. Patrick Troughton

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Sticking with Doctor Who... nine lost episodes from the 1960s were found in October. Where?

Dr who patrick troughton
  1. Moldovan government safe
  2. Nigerian relay station
  3. Tanzanian warehouse
  4. Saudi Arabian prison

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Roger Mosey, who orchestrated the BBC's coverage of the 2012 Olympics, left his role as the BBC's editorial director in 2013. At which football club is he a season ticket holder?

Roger Mosey
  1. Bradford City
  2. Arsenal
  3. Chelsea
  4. Crystal Palace

9.) Multiple Choice Question

What did the new editor of Newsnight Ian Katz call guest Labour MP Rachel Reeves on Twitter?

Ian Katz
  1. Silly billy
  2. Crazy Reevey
  3. Boring snoring
  4. Hates-all Rachel

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Who has been announced as the narrator for upcoming BBC nature show Hidden Kingdoms?

  1. John Hurt
  2. Stephen Fry
  3. David Attenborough
  4. David Dimbleby

11.) Multiple Choice Question

What unusual way did BBC weatherman Simon King welcome his new baby daughter into the world?

Weatherman Simon King
  1. Presented the weather with her
  2. Delivered her himself
  3. Forecast the exact time and date live on TV

12.) Multiple Choice Question

Which BBC show won the 2013 Bafta for television comedy?

Bafta award
  1. Miranda
  2. Mrs Brown's Boys
  3. The Revolution Will Be Televised
  4. Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life

13.) Multiple Choice Question

The Queen officially opened New Broadcasting House in June. Which band performed to her in BBC Radio 1's studio?

The Queen
  1. Coldplay
  2. One Direction
  3. The Script
  4. The Fray

14.) Multiple Choice Question

Which local radio station won station of the year at the Gillard Awards?

Frank Gillard
  1. BBC Radio Humberside
  2. BBC Radio Merseyside
  3. BBC Radio Oxford
  4. BBC Radio Leeds

15.) Multiple Choice Question

In October it was announced that which beloved children's show will be making a comeback on CBeebies in 2015?

cbeebies logo
  1. Bagpuss
  2. Danger Mouse
  3. The Clangers
  4. Ivor the Engine

16.) Multiple Choice Question

Madness brought 53 years of BBC Television Centre to an end with a gig on the premises in March. Which of their songs did they finish with?

suggs from madness
  1. House of Fun
  2. It Must be Love
  3. Night Boat to Cairo
  4. Our House

17.) Multiple Choice Question

The Digital Media Initiative (DMI), launched in 2008, was scrapped in May this year. How much money was spent on the failed project?

twenty pound notes
  1. 9.84 million
  2. 89.4 million
  3. 98.4 million
  4. 984 million

18.) Multiple Choice Question

The BBC's long-running podcast on disability, Ouch, celebrated its 100th episode by tackling which delicate subject?

Ouch podcast
  1. Racism
  2. Sex
  3. Sexism
  4. Recreational drugs

19.) Multiple Choice Question

Visitors to the BBC website's homepage will no longer see the analogue clock, after it was removed in June. Why?

  1. Changed to a digital clock
  2. Viewers confused by lack of numbers
  3. People use mobile phones to check time
  4. It didn't tell the right time

20.) Multiple Choice Question

Which Hollywood actress has acquired the rights for a US version of BBC show Last Tango in Halifax?

cast of last tango in halifax
  1. Susan Sarandon
  2. Meryl Streep
  3. Diane Keaton
  4. Hilary Swank

21.) Multiple Choice Question

BBC newsreader Simon McCoy baffled viewers in September by accidentally replacing his iPad with what as he read the news?

simon mccoy
  1. A DVD of Human Planet
  2. A book on media law
  3. A stack of photocopy paper
  4. A Kindle

22.) Multiple Choice Question

Who replaced Jake Humphrey as the BBC's Formula One presenter for the 2013 season?

jake humphrey
  1. Suzi Perry
  2. David Coulthard
  3. Eddie Jordan
  4. Alex Jones

23.) Multiple Choice Question

Which of the following women came second behind the Queen on BBC Radio 4's 2013 Women's Hour Power List?

  1. Ana Botin
  2. JK Rowling
  3. Baroness Hale of Richmond
  4. Theresa May

24.) Multiple Choice Question

Veteran Question Time presenter David Dimbleby recently got his first tattoo. What was it of?

David Dimbleby
  1. Scorpion
  2. Lion
  3. Tiger
  4. Eagle

25.) Multiple Choice Question

Tony Hall became the new director general of the BBC in April. How many people have held the role over the last 18 months?

tony hall
  1. Three
  2. Four
  3. Five
  4. Six


  1. It's John Lennon. His solo song Imagine was chosen, as well as Here Comes the Sun from his time in The Beatles. Tom Jones and Mozart also made the list.
  2. It's the beard. Paxman first appeared with his new facial hair in August after coming back from holiday. In 2012 he also caused a stir when appearing without a tie.
  3. It's doctor. The London-based Irish Totton won 250,000 for winning the competition with her plan to open a cosmetic procedures business.
  4. It's JP Morgan. Flanders has joined JP Morgan Asset Management as chief market strategist. She previously either worked or studied at the other options.
  5. It's the Eastenders one. The cast of Eastenders performed a wide-ranging routine on set that included Bollywood dancing and Daft Punk's Get Lucky.
  6. It's David Tennant. The Scottish actor, who played the character from 2005-2010, came first with 56% of the vote in a survey by the Radio Times. Smith came second and Baker third.
  7. It's Nigeria. In what is thought to be the largest haul of missing episodes recovered in the last three decades, tapes featuring Patrick Troughton's Doctor were found in a TV station in Jos, Nigeria.
  8. It's Arsenal. Despite hailing from Bradford and describing himself as a 'Bradford City fan by heritage', he is a regular visitor to the Emirates Stadium.
  9. It's the third one. Katz had intended the message to be private but it appeared on his public Twitter feed. He subsequently apologised.
  10. It's Stephen Fry. Across three 60-minute episodes, Hidden Kingdoms will show some of the smallest animals in the natural world.
  11. It's the second one. King failed to forecast the speed of his wife's labour and left it too late to get to the hospital - leaving him to deliver the baby himself with the help of a paramedic on the phone.
  12. It's The Revolution Will Be Televised. The sketch satire features Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein. Alan Partridge was nominated.
  13. It's The Script. The band, fronted by former The Voice judge Danny O'Donoghue, played Heroes by David Bowie in Radio 1's Live Lounge.
  14. It's Humberside. The Gillard Awards celebrate the best of BBC local radio. Radio Humberside beat off competition from Radio Leeds and Radio Tees for the top gong.
  15. It's The Clangers. The stop-motion animated tv series about a family of mouse-like creatures will return with a new series on CBeebies. It originally ran from 1969-1974.
  16. It's Night Boat to Cairo. They finished with a version of the song before walking off to Monty Python's Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.
  17. It's 98.4 million. DMI was intended to modernise the BBC's production and archiving methods and content management systems.
  18. It's sex. The milestone Ouch podcast discussed the issues surounding sex, relationships and disability, including questions such as what you should do if you fall in love with your care worker.
  19. It's the last one. The time was linked to the time on the computer being used to view the homepage. So if that was wrong, the clock's time was wrong.
  20. It's Diane Keaton. The actress plans to remake the hit show, which is about childhood sweethearts rekindling their romance in their 70s.
  21. It's photocopy paper. Instead of picking up his tablet before going on air McCoy grabbed the pack of paper. He continued to present news about 'drunk tanks' as if nothing was out of the ordinary.
  22. It's Suzi Perry. David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan are both analysts and commentators on the show. Alex Jones presents The One Show.
  23. It's Theresa May. The home secretary came second, while Santander CEO Ana Botin was third. Supreme Court Judge Baroness Hale was sixth and JK Rowling 13th.
  24. It's a scorpion. The 75-year-old got a Scorpion to represent his star sign, Scorpio. He rejected the possibility of returning to the tattoo parlour after becoming aware that the arachnid didn't have enough legs.
  25. It's four. The period covered the end of Mark Thompson's leadership. He was followed by George Entwistle, Tim Davie (acting) and now Tony Hall.

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