Charlotte Green won't let on she's a Spurs fan

Charlotte Green

Charlotte Green says she'll develop her own style for reading the classified football results, but promises she won't whoop every time Spurs win.

The former Radio 4 newsreader, who becomes the voice of the results on Radio 5 live and World Service for the first time on Saturday, says she'll heed the advice of illustrious predecessor James Alexander Gordon, who read the results for 40 years.

'James sent me a lovely email when it was announced that I would be taking over,' she said. 'He is a very fine broadcaster but also a lovely man and he said to me in that email "Make it your own" and that's what I intend to do.

'You can only be true to yourself, otherwise it sounds ridiculously fake,' added Green, who took voluntary redundancy from the BBC in January after a 34-year career.

But in an interview with 5 live's Mark Pougatch, she insisted that this did not extend to betraying her own allegiances through her tone.

Green has been a Tottenham Hotspur fan since childhood, despite her father's preference for their north London rivals Arsenal.

'You have to be completely professional and, whether they've won or lost or drawn, people will never know that I am a Spurs supporter from the way I read that result,' she claimed.

Childhood dream

Green, who has previously read the news, given the Shipping Forecast and taken part in the News Quiz for Radio 4, said she was shocked but 'delighted' when she was offered the role she had dreamt of doing as a child.

'I used to sit at the kitchen table when I was about six reading the football results,' she said, 'and to be asked to... do it for real a mere 50 years later is quite something.'

It will be an anxious debut, however, as she replaces Gordon, who was forced to retire in July after surgery to remove his larynx.

'I will be nervous,' Green admitted. 'It's inevitable when you're doing something different and new, but also because the football results have this iconic place in radio history, it's terribly significant, and for me to be given the opportunity to read them is a huge honour and a privilege and I take it very seriously.'

  • Charlotte Green will be reading the classified football results on BBC Radio 5 live and BBC World Service for the first time on Saturday, September 28, at 5pm.


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