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A Millbank technical coordinator and a BBC Learning editor have won a commission from The One Show through BBC Production's idea-sharing scheme iCreate.

Along with the BBC Factual Formats Lab, they developed a "wish-fulfilment" strand, with a working title Make My Dream, which could become a full series if successful.

It resulted after Matt Walker, a BBC Learning editor in Bristol, and Neil Churchill, from the political unit in Millbank, separately posted ideas on the internal BBC iCreate site, which launched in January.

Given their suggestions coincidentally explored similar themes, development executive Kathy Myers introduced them to the Factual Formats Lab to put together a pitch. Their idea has now become the first commission through BBC iCreate.

Churchill said: "Until BBC iCreate came along, there was no outlet for ideas for those who didn't already work in TV production.

"BBC iCreate helped me focus my idea into something more tangible and targeted. It gives me immense satisfaction to know that I can now contribute creative ideas to the BBC that are outside my day job."

Walker added he felt they were part of a "really collaborative process with access to people who could make your ideas happen".

"I'm really delighted and it feels like a new and exciting way of coming up with programme ideas."

Unlocking creativity

BBC iCreate has more than 1900 active users and staff can submit programme ideas based on a specific challenge or an open call for ideas.

So far, there have been 300 ideas on subjects ranging from young women's lives to gaming.

Users can view and comments on all ideas or form groups to develop any suggestions.

Ailsa Orr, head of BBC Production's innovation unit, is responsible for BBC iCreate and said The One Show commission "proves that creativity exists right across the BBC, just waiting to be unlocked".

"BBC iCreate now gives us the ability to bring staff from different parts of the BBC together, source initial programme ideas from a wider pool and win more business. I am absolutely delighted to have made this kind of progress with the site in just six months."

  • The Factual Format Lab, headed by Mike Benson, helps to develop new ideas that have a potential for returning series

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