Applying for a BBC job gets simpler with Careers Hub

NBH entrance The new system should make applying for jobs easier and less time consuming

The only thing worse than looking for a new job is the thought of then going through a complex application process that could take several hours and requires an essay.

But the BBC is hoping to simplify its overly elaborate and time-consuming recruitment process with the launch of the streamlined Careers Hub.

Launched on Tuesday, it complements the Careers website and will make it easier to apply for jobs, and for recruiters and hiring managers to target the right people for specific vacancies.

People looking for a job will need to build a careers profile through Careers Hub, either by uploading one or by logging on to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Any information held on social media accounts will be automatically uploaded, and changes made on these sites will automatically update the BBC account if you verify the changes when you next log in.

Once a careers profile is completed, it will be easier to apply for jobs at the click of a button and to store multiple CVs which can be used for slightly different roles.

You will also be able to apply for jobs through a smartphone and receive receive real-time alerts through your account when a potential opportunity becomes available. You can review these and decide which you're interested in.

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The idea is to give applicants more control over how they look for jobs and to make the process less reactive. The more updated a profile is, the better the chances of being matched to the right job.

Hiring managers will also have better access to every step of the recruitment process through a simpler database to which they log on. The new, more efficient tracking system should reduce some of the admin and back-and-forth emailing with recruiters.

Already in use by talent production to find people for short contracts, the Careers Hub is now being rolled out across the BBC.

'Different and better'

Annabel Dixon, head of resourcing and talent, says the idea to simplify recruiting at the BBC comes from listening to what people were saying.

Research undertaken by her team showed that it could take several hours for one person to go through the BBC's application process and that it required clicking through multiple screens.

'You've told us that we can improve the way we recruit, so we've been working hard to simplify the recruitment process and improve the experience for both candidates and hiring managers,' Dixon says.

'This week we're really excited because we're launching a new way for you to apply for jobs - it's called the Careers Hub. You'll still be able to see all the jobs on the Careers website but when you click apply, things will look and feel different and better, we hope.'

Essay questions

Will this mean an end to the generic essay question used for almost every vacancy at the BBC?

It depends on the role you are applying for, because some applicants will still need to answer specific questions. But the expectation is to get this information from someone's career profile more often, doing away with the need for 1000 carefully chosen words on why you're right for the job.

Candidates will also be able to showcase different examples of work, whether it's a YouTube clip, a showreel or links to a website.

Overall, the experience should feel more user-friendly and effortless.

In time it's hoped that the information stored through the Careers Hub will lead to a searchable mini talent pool, not unlike what you can get through LinkedIn, but for the BBC.

  • You can sign up to a workshop to find out more about the Careers Hub and uploading a complete profile. You can also contact the team at

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