BBC to host UK’s biggest health screening

Julia Bradbury Julia Bradbury will present Long Live Britain with Dr Phil Hammond and Phil Tufnell

A BBC One programme will attempt to host the largest ever health screening in the UK this Saturday, for a one-off broadcast in June.

Long Live Britain will test more than a thousand people for three of the country's biggest preventable diseases - Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and liver disease.

It is estimated the conditions lead to 200,000 deaths each year in the UK, and affect 11 million people.

The event will take place around the Manchester City stadium, when it hosts a series of rugby matches as part of the Super League's Magic Weekend.

A team of experts and 50 NHS volunteers will screen fans and locals, potentially testing hundreds of undiagnosed sufferers.

Three secret killers

  • Around 850,000 people in the UK don't know they have Type 2 diabetes
  • It's estimated that 2m may have liver disease, but most are unaware of their condition
  • Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 180,000 deaths each year

Presented by Julia Bradbury, Dr Phil Hammond and Phil Tufnell, the show will reveal the results in two parts (1x60, 1x50) over one evening in June.

West End performer Jodie Prenger and EastEnders actor Ricky Grover, along with Benidorm actress Crissy Rock, will also find out how the conditions can affect their own lives as part of the programme.

Prenger said: "I was really scared about facing up to my health but with my family's history of Type 2 diabetes, I didn't want to bury my head in the sand anymore. I didn't want to wait until it was too late and I was backed into a corner without any choices."

The programme will be made with help from the charities Diabetes UK, HEART UK and the British Liver Trust, and the NHS in Manchester.

Long Live Britain was commissioned by former BBC One controller Danny Cohen, now director of BBC Television, and Kim Shillinglaw, commissioning editor for Science and Natural History.

Shillinglaw said the show represents "the BBC making a difference to our audiences' lives".

It will be executive produced by Ben Gale and Ian Holt for Maverick, and Cassian Harrison for the BBC.


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