BBC takes rap for use of graphics during rugby matches

rugby ball An email from BBC Sport was found to be insufficiently clear

A complaint about the use of on-screen graphics during Six Nations tournament matches has been partly upheld.

The Trust ruled that an email about the use of an animated Accenture logo during live rugby union matches on television was open to misinterpretation.

It also found that this could undermine the BBC's editorial integrity.

But the logo wasn't given undue prominence and its appearance was editorially justified, the Trust also ruled.

The complaint, from the latest Editorial Standards Committee bulletin, was upheld on the basis of an email sent from an executive producer in BBC Sport to members of the production team.

The wording of the email, judged the Trust committee, could be open to misinterpretation.

In summary, the Trust said the email 'might have given recipients the impression that BBC Sport had made a binding commitment to SNRL [Six Nations Rugby Ltd]'.

As a consequence of this, the programme team might wrongly conclude that giving credit to companies who supplied graphics (such as Accenture) would take precedence over editorial decisions.

The Trust recommended that, in future, managers needed to make the BBC contractual position clearer. And they needed to communicate to staff that 'credits were merely an indication of what BBC Sport considered likely to be appropriate' and nothing else.

The programme teams should also 'use their own editorial judgement in applying the BBC's Editorial Guidelines', particularly where they relate to undue prominence.

The complaint was filed by RadioCentre, a trade body for commercial radio companies.


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