Want some new video effects?

screengrab of light runners A new kit was used to create long exposure images of light runners in Salford

BBC Research and Development are inviting BBC shows to use a new video effects kit for live and recorded broadcasts.

The processor box, which acts on a standard SDI video input and can be operated in real time, was used recently for the first time by Blue Peter and North West Tonight.

The shows were filming runners in light suits creating patterns across Salford Quays, as part of a Speed of Light performance by Scottish arts charity NVA.

BBC technologist Max Leonard said the event was "the perfect example" of how the kit can be applied.

"It can be used for any productions where you want to create more spectacular visuals with moving lights, such as dance-style programmes, outdoor broadcasts involving fireworks or fire-juggling, or anything with high-contrast lighting."

screengrab of light runners The equipment can also be used for live broadcasts

The kit, currently known as the light graffiti box, creates images like a long exposure picture.

Unlike similar effects, it can also be used on live video streams, which removes the need for lengthy post-production sessions.

A prototype was used to create an image of a Christmas tree during a One Show broadcast last year although Leonard describes the current kit as "much fancier".

Developed by R&D in Salford as a side-project, it was partly financed by BBC North's Kicker Fund and is available in a rugedised flight case.

If you would like to use the light graffiti box, please contact Max Leonard and Chris Pike. You can see the Blue Peter episode featuring the kit on Thursday 4 April at 5.45pm on CBBC or on BBC iPlayer.

screengrab of Christmas tree A prototype was used to create an image of a Christmas tree on the MediaCityUK piazza for The One Show


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