W12 changes include closure of several ATMs

Barclays cash machines Staff will no longer be able to withdraw cash as conveniently in W12

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People working in W12 will shortly have to adjust some of their habits and expectations when some services end or change.

The two cash points currently in the White City building and all of those at Television Centre will close at the end of March. There are no plans to replace them.

The post office is considering opening an alternative cash machine at White City, but plans have not yet been finalised.

You can withdraw cash from the post office counter free of charge, but not all bank cards will be accepted. HSBC and First Direct are notable exceptions at the moment. This is expected to change at some point in the next couple of months.

To alleviate some of the pressure, in-house catering outlets run by the BBC Club are planning to accept credit and debit cards, but there will be a minimum spend of £5.

The BBC Club will consider offering cash back if there is sufficient demand for it - but there are no plans to introduce this imminently.

Jane Slaughter, the W12 programme manager, says: 'The cost of installing an alternative ATM in either the Media or Broadcast Centre is one that the BBC would have to fund and we feel that this isn't a good use of licence fee payers' money, given that there are other places on site, and nearby, where you can withdraw cash.

'These include the ATM outside Tesco; the 'over-the-counter' cash-out facility in the Post Office and from the ATM in White City underground station.'

The removal of the ATMs is one of a few changes that will affect staff.

The Trainline ticket machine will also be taken out of service and moved to the Broadcast Centre. The move should happen by the end of the month.

The multi-faith rooms at White City will be moved to the Media Centre on March 26. The two rooms - MC4 D5 M1 (female) and MC4 D5 M2 (male) - will be removed from the meeting room schedule and set aside exclusively for those wanting to worship.

Production services (DV Solutions) will move its drop-off facility, and despatch will move its pick-off and drop-off desk, although the locations are still to be confirmed.

The ID unit, the permit office and the transport desk have all moved already.

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