BBC Trustees have reduced expenses since last March

Alison Hastings Trustee Alison Hastings had the highest expenses, totalling nearly £5000

The BBC Trust has published the trustees' expenses from April to September last year.

Figures show that Chairman Lord Patten claimed for nearly £3000. Most of it - £1725.47 - was spent on private cars. One return journey in June entered in the log as 'home to London address' cost £218.

According to the Trust, expenses are down eight percent on the previous six-month period and down five percent on the same period last year.

Patten's expenses have come down very slightly from the last six-month accounting period that ended in March 2012. He previously claimed for £3200, with just over £2000 spent on cars.

Trustee Alison Hastings had the highest bill, claiming for £4875.79. This included £1800 on accommodation and £2300 on rail.

A former journalist, Hastings is the trustee for England and lives in Liverpool, where she runs a media consultancy business. She has been a member of the BBC Trust since 2006.

Hastings' expenses - which were also the highest for the last accounting period - have come down nearly £2000 since last March.

The 12 trustees spent a total of just over £30,000 from April to September 2012, a drop of about £2000 from the last period. The most money - nearly £11,000 - was spent on accommodation, followed by £8000 on rail.

A hospitality register was also released in the public domain. It showed that the Chairman was invited to various high-profile hospitality events, including the Diamond Jubilee, where he was the guest of Buckingham Palace; and the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics, where he was the guest of the International Olympic Committee.

A breakdown of the expenses can be found on the BBC Trust website.


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