Walking with Dinosaurs enters digital dimension

Walking with Dinosaurs website WalkingwithDinosaurs.com is billed as 'the ultimate website for dinosaur fans'

Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops may have departed this planet more than 65m years ago, but there's no sign that the Walking with Dinosaurs brand is ready to lay down and die.

The 1999 BBC One documentary series, which used cutting-edge computer-generated imagery and animatronics to bring dinosaurs to life, has already spawned an arena spectacular that has been touring the globe; now it's being re-imagined as an interactive website, new apps, a PlayStation game and a 3D movie.

WalkingwithDinosaurs.com, created by BBC Worldwide and RED Interactive, is billed as 'the ultimate website for dinosaur fans'.

A resource that will be expanded over time, it includes news, features, videos and much interactivity, while a resident palaeontologist will be on hand to answer your dinosaur-related questions.

Meanwhile, iPhone and iPad owners will be able to download two new apps in the coming weeks - with Android versions to follow shortly behind.

Walking with Dinosaurs: Digisaurus will allow younger fans to own and interact with a T-Rex or Utahraptor, while Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside their World is an interactive dinosaur encyclopaedia, featuring animated dinosaurs, expert information and narration by Stephen Fry.

A Sony Wonderbook game, based on the BBC brand, is currently being developed, drawing on augmented reality technology to transform the world around the player and bring them face to face with some prehistoric favourites.

Christmas movie

Meanwhile, Walking with Dinosaurs 3D - a BBC Earth, Evergreen Films and Reliance Entertainment co-production - is due to reach cinema screens around the world next Christmas.

'Walking with Dinosaurs brings science and entertainment together to create a potent mix of fun, fear and fact,' said Worldwide's chief brands officer Amanda Hill. 'With the relaunch of this iconic brand, we're setting out to captivate audiences, bringing the thrill of discovery to movie screens, live events and online with the launch of our new website, the ultimate celebration of these incredible creatures and our fascination with them.'


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