Business editor Robert Peston victim of burglary

Robert Peston Robert Peston is one of nearly 95,000 burglary victims in London this year

Robert Peston has had the grief of losing his wife to lung cancer compounded by a burglary at his home in which her engagement and wedding rings were stolen.

The business editor discovered he'd been the victim of a burglary after arriving at his Muswell Hill home late on Wednesday night. The thieves - who forced a back door open - also stole 'sensitive' computer information, the nature of which has not been disclosed.

Peston tweeted his 200,000 followers with the news, in the hope that they might be able to provide any information into the jewellery's whereabouts: 'Burgled last night. My beloved late wife's 1920s engagement & wedding rings taken. Naive to think they might turn up, but...'

He also tweeted a blurry picture of the rings.

The rings, which have a high sentimental value, are irreplaceable and had once belonged to Peston's grandmother. The thieves also stole a gold heart necklace with the word 'mum' inscribed and a gold ring with the words 'my darling' inscribed in it.

The journalist lost his wife, 51-year-old writer Sian Busby, to cancer in September. They were school friends who had dated briefly in their youth and who had rekindled their romance after Busby divorced her first husband in in the mid-1990s. They were married in 1998 and had one son.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the number of burglaries in the capital this year (until November) are just shy of 95,000. This is down 1.2% on the year before.

The police service has written a 26-page guide to preventing a burglary at your home.


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