Tribute: Denise Lonsdale

Denise Lonsdale

Denise started her career as a script supervisor at Granada Satellite in Manchester in 1998. She joined our team of trainees and trained up quickly to become a fantastic team player and a wonderful live gallery PA.

After going freelance she moved to London and we both swapped and shared a lot of work. When we started to do music shows and didn't have much experience of bar counting we would sit and practise together for hours at home with music scripts borrowed from other shows. She worked on a huge variety of shows and spent a few years at CBBC working on XChange.

Despite saying she wasn't interested in the 'big shows' she was often asked to be part of them, with Test the Nation being a long running job for her. Last year we did Live Who Wants To Be A Millionaire together and, 14 years on from our training, we both came off air with shaky legs and feeling like it was our first show all over again.

Sixth sense

The thing I loved about working with her is that, along with her warm, sunny nature, we were always together, second for second and could use shorthand and a sixth sense to know when to help each other out.

Start Quote

Her priorities were just right; working enough on nice programmes to be able to afford to enjoy the good life a world away from television”

End Quote Sally Darling Script Supervisor

Denise was never a city girl and soon discovered time outside of work was better in Newquay, and then in Dartmoor, with her husband Kevin. She managed to achieve quite early on what most people in TV dream of - having a good life and work balance, with her personal life getting a much bigger chunk of her time. Her priorities were just right; working enough on nice programmes to be able to afford to enjoy the good life a world away from television. She inspired lots of us to start growing vegetables and we will continue to do this in memory of her.

For the past few years she was a stalwart of Deal or No Deal and will be much missed by the whole team in Bristol. Director Ollie Bartlett says: 'Working with Denise epitomises the fun of working in telly and the wonderful people you meet. Warm, thoughtful, everyone's friend, you could turn to Denise, no matter the situation, and see a big smile and mischievous expression, which never failed to light up your day.'

I'm A Celebrity

One of her favourite jobs was Lambing Live and she also loved doing Springwatch, Autumnwatch and The Book Show - she said these jobs were an absolute pleasure.

For the past three years she was one of our team of three script supervisors in Australia on I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here and we and her ITV2 team, along with many members of the production and crew, are missing her terribly. She was popular, funny and a lynchpin of the show. On the first night she was missing from work it took at least four of us to cover the work she normally put in to the show and now, at the end of the series, we miss her presence as much as ever.

It was an enormous privilege to work with Denise and her beautiful personality, humour and talent will never be forgotten.

Sally Darling, Script Supervisor, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here


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