Reporting Scotland anchor comes close to death

Jackie Bird Jackie Bird covered the Scottish elections in 2011

Jackie Bird, an anchor on Reporting Scotland, was reportedly three hours from death after collapsing with stomach pains at her home on November 8.

The 50-year-old newsreader was diagnosed with a strangulated bowel, a condition where the bowel twists around fibrous bands, causing decreased blood supply and death of bowel tissue.

Bird, who presents Scotland's nightly flagship news programme, had to have sections of her large and small intestines removed in an operation that saved her life.

She was taken back to hospital only days later for a follow-up procedure and is now resting at home.

Bird was due to front Children in Need from Aberdeen last week, having presented the Scottish leg of the fundraising drive since the mid-nineties, but radio presenter Kaye Adams stood in for her.

The mother of two is also a newspaper columnist and has written and produced the comedy sketch series The Lewis Lectures and sitcom Having it All for Radio Scotland.

The popular presenter has worked for Reporting Scotland for over 20 years and started her media career at Radio Clyde, eventually making the move into television with Television South in Maidstone.

In a recent interview with The Herald, Bird said her career had benefited from criticism that the BBC was ageist: 'It has worked in my favour and I intend to keep going. Forever.'

She added: 'No one is pretending that reading the autocue is a great skill, but it's about holding it together.'

A BBC Scotland spokesperson said she would return to work when she is ready. 'We're playing it by ear,' he said.


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