Prebble to 'check up' on BBC impartiality

Stuart Prebble Stuart Prebble is a former CEO of ITV Digital

Former ITV man Stuart Prebble will lead a BBC Trust review into the 'breadth of voice' in BBC news and current affairs reporting.

The former ITV CEO's investigation will pick up from the 2007 report by John Bridcut which said that technological and social change had led to a wider range of opinion in society than the traditional right and left wing views.

Prebble will look at how Bridcut's recommendations - or 'guiding principles' - to help the BBC continue to achieve impartiality had been implemented.

'Five years on, it's the right time to check up on the BBC's progress,' believes Alison Hastings, chair of the Trust's Editorial Standards Committee. 'Stuart Prebble's distinguished career in broadcasting, both as a programme-maker and as a CEO, puts him in an ideal position to take an informed view on how the BBC has responded to Bridcut's challenge.'

Prebble, who starts his review in the autumn, adds: 'Having spent most of my career outside the BBC I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective to examine how well the commitment to breadth of voice - which is unique to the BBC - is being met.'

A former World in Action editor, Prebble went on to be ITV's first controller of factual programming and Granada's managing director of channels and new media. He became CEO of ITV in 2001, before leaving to set up a production company.

The conclusions of the review - the fifth in a series of impartiality reviews commissioned by the trust - will be published next summer. Previous reviews have focused on business, science, coverage of UK nations and the Arab spring.


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