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The first Salford staff survey reveals the majority of respondents "love" working at the new offices in MediaCityUK but there are still operational and technology problems.

Of the 2300 staff on-site, more than 1100 responded to the survey in April:

  • 54% of respondents agreed they "love the place"
  • 16% said they love working at MC but the problems need to be fixed
  • 30% were concerned the problems could overshadow the benefits of working in Salford.

Staff criticism focused on desktop and production technology, and transport - most notably the tram service.

Less than half the respondents agreed they "had the tools and technology to do their job well" (49%) and the workplace change "enabled them to perform their role better" (47%).

Staff Salford staff at an all-site meeting on Tuesday

Alice Webb, BBC North chief operating officer, told Ariel that the results were "not surprising given we've completed the largest move in broadcasting history".

"We've stuffed a huge amount of new technology in these buildings and not all of that is sorted yet, so we need to get through that," she said.

"We do better at making people feel valued, inspired and loyal…where we've got to fix some things are in the day-to-day stuff that's really annoying when it doesn't work, but they are things we can fix."

Bedding in

One of the biggest technical problems has been in-house tv editing and storage for Vision teams, which crashed in January.

Webb said it was "probably the biggest single element" being worked on by the migration project team, adding: "We're confident that we'll have in-house editing back up and running in a couple of months."

Peter Salmon

BBC North director Peter Salmon revealed future highlights:

  • BBC Philharmonic Presents festival will return in the autumn, after drawing 11m views/listens last year
  • Sport and Children's public events will take place at MC during summer, including an appearance from Justin Fletcher (aka Mr Tumble)
  • BBC Religion & Ethics festival on-site in September

She also said it would take another six months to settle down at MC, where new joiners and staff have been arriving from the former BBC Manchester and London offices since May 2011.

"You'll see that the number of bedding-in problems will diminish greatly over the next six months."

Staff opinions

73% of respondents agreed "creative ideas and new thinking" were welcomed at the Salford hub and 66% had spoken to their line managers about career development.

57% felt their opinion counted, with 26% "neither agreeing nor disagreeing" on this point; Webb admitted at an all-site meeting that the relocation's pace meant an adequate chance for staff opinions had not been given but "we're really keen to do that now".

She told Ariel: "From my perspective, the BBC has invested a lot in this move [the implementation cost £180m] and this survey is about understanding how we're getting a return on that investment and how it feels to work here."

Public transport feedback will be given to the Metrolink tram operators and Salford Council. A pan-BBC staff survey was also launched today.

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