Presenter's story of losing her brother wins religious broadcasting award

Anna Magnusson, Mo McCullough and Nick Baines Anna Magnusson and Mo McCullough picked up the Sanford St Martin Trust award from the Bishop of Bradford

BBC Scotland presenter Anna Magnusson picked up the Sandford St Martin Trust premier award in radio at Lambeth Palace on Wednesday.

Magnusson's Resurrection Stories, produced by Mo McCullough, followed her personal story of losing her brother when she was a teenager. Using this experience she asked what Christian stories can teach about death and resurrection.

She questioned a passage from St John's gospel where Jesus appeared on a beach with his disciples after his death.

'It resonates with me because it is about finding the person that you lost again and that longing and that hope. We were trying to test these claims in Christianity,' says Magnusson.

'We were searching in the programme. I was questioning my own response to the story. But I didn't make up my mind finally.'

The producer Mo McCullough says the win was down to Magnusson's honesty when she questioned two theologians with very different views on resurrection.

The awards celebrate excellence in religious programming. The trust is from a Church of England background but says it says it presents awards to a wide range of beliefs and traditions.

Radio 2's Faith and 9/11 was the runner up in the category while Radio 4's Something Understood on Abraham received a merit award.

BBC Two picked up all the awards in the TV Category. Life of Muhammad received the premier award. The runner up was The King James Bible: The book that changed the world. Meanwhile Ian Hislop: When bankers were good and Wonderland's A Hasidic guide to love, marriage and finding a bride both picked up merit awards.


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