"Who the hell wrote this script?"

Prince Charles presents a special weather forecast during his BBC Scotland visit

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It was one of the most popular, and unexpected, news stories from Thursday, but the Reporting Scotland team didn't think Prince Charles and his wife Camilla "would actually be totally game" for a spot of weather presenting.

Weather forecaster Christopher Blanchett told Ariel he and his colleagues only found out on Tuesday that the royal couple would tour the studio, as part of a visit to the BBC base in Glasgow.

"We were told it might be wise to have some weather graphics on standby in case they wanted to have a look and we also decided to write an autocue script. We don't normally use a script in weather - we just do it off the top of our heads," Blanchett added.

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Prince Charles and Christopher Blanchett

We sort of knew instantly this was television gold”

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But newsreader Sally Magnusson asked the royal visitors, known in Scotland as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, if they would like to have a go at reading the weather before the lunchtime bulletin went on air.

Blanchett said: "Prince Charles seemed extremely happy about doing it so he just stepped in. I showed him where to stand, explained about looking down the camera and how to hold the clicker, and he was utterly charming."

Together with fellow forecasters Gillian Smart and Stav Danaos, Blanchett inserted special references to the royal residences in Scotland.

He said: "Prince Charles hadn't seen the script beforehand. He was just reading it as it appeared on autocue and quite enjoyed the royal references to Balmoral and Dumfries House. He realised [what we had done] as he was going through the script which is why he quipped 'Who the hell wrote this script'."

Newsreader Sally Magnusson asked the royal visitors if they wanted to have a go at weather presenting Newsreader Sally Magnusson asked the royal visitors if they wanted to have a go at weather presenting

The video clip was the most popular item on the News website and was shown on BBC World, as well as The One Show. It also led to Prince Charles becoming a trending topic worldwide on Twitter and BBC Scotland trending in the UK.

Blanchett revealed: "We sort of knew instantly this was television gold because I don't think a member of the royal family has done anything like this before."

Staff at the Pacific Quay site applauded the royal visitors as they arrived at the BBC Scotland headquarters, which is celebrating 60 years of television broadcasting. The couple also toured the studios for Gaelic service BBC Alba, Newsnight Scotland and game show Eggheads.

The Duchess has previously visited the Strictly Come Dancing set at TVC, the Danish set of BBC Four hit The Killing and the Birmingham studios, where she met The Archers team.

Jeremy Vine looks on as the royal couple visit the Eggheads' set Jeremy Vine looks on as the royal couple visit the Eggheads' set

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