Freelance unit to be outsourced from June

BBC workforce Freelancers in the BBC workforce are increasing by 15% a year

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The BBC's freelance contracting team will be outsourced to Capita from 1 June and will eventually move to Belfast to join the rest of HR Direct.

The team of 33 staff will stay in White City for the next 6 months. They will then have to decide whether to relocate to Belfast.

Currently all other contracts such as full time and part time contracts are already processed by Capita in Belfast.

Users of the freelance contracting service, which processes around 70,000 requisitions a year and handles up to 12,000 freelancers, are not expected to see any change to the current system until the end of 2012.

The move is designed to simplify bureaucratic systems that frustrate both BBC departments, bookers and freelancers whose numbers in the BBC were growing at a rate of 15-20% a year two years ago. While the overall trend continues to rise, it currently is nearer 8% year on year.

Once the changes are made, freelancers and the people paying them will be able to track where in the process the payment is. This is something they cannot do with the current system.

The team were originally due to be taken over by Capita in April 2011. The delay has been put down to the decision to bring freelance and casual contracting together as part of the Delivering Quality First process.

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