Over 700 BBC staff to work on Olympics

Olympic mascots

The BBC's Director of London 2012 has confirmed there will be 765 accredited staff working on the Olympics.

Roger Mosey said in his blog that the number has gone up from 493 in Beijing, 437 of whom were flown from London to China.

Mosey defended the increase in staff saying there is 'a massive increase in output'. There will be double the number of hours of coverage compared to the games in China. When TV, radio and online output is put together, around 2,500 hours of live sport will be produced.

He added that being the host nation means there is more demand for coverage.

'Throughout, audiences will expect us to report on security, travel and organisational issues alongside the live sport on a significantly different scale to Athens or Beijing.'

Mosey says big events require significant staffing levels and points out it compares favourably to the American channel NBC, who used over 2,800 staff at the previous Olympics.

He goes on to explain that 23% of the staff will be coming down from Salford. The rest of the staff are from the core 2012 planning team who remained in London and news operations.

Justifying the cost of those from Salford travelling down, he says that they would be saying in "low-cost student-type accommodation".


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