Impartial talk on economics

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The first of the BBC Trust's new 'impartiality' seminars will be about economics.

Trust chairman Lord Patten announced the seminars in his speech to the RTS last July, as companions to the annual reviews of output. He explained: 'To allow us to look at other current or relevant issues within the year, we will now start up a series of more regular impartiality seminars.'

The BBC charter requires the Trust to 'do all it can' to ensure the impartiality of the BBC, which Lord Patten believes is paramount to its reputation.

The seminars are intended to let Trustees discuss current and emerging issues, rather than an examination of the BBC's reporting of the subject. Economics was chosen for the first event because of its topicality.

The list of contributors has yet to be finalised but will include economic experts and BBC specialist correspondents. A summary of the outcomes will be published by the Trust after the event.

A Trust spokesperson said: 'The impartiality of the BBC's output is at the heart of its reputation with audiences at home and abroad.'


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