Sport news bulletins start in Salford

Jenny Culshaw Jenny Culshaw is one of the new sport presenters in Salford for BBC News channel

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The first tv sport bulletin from Salford went live on BBC News Channel at 8.48am on Monday, following the channel's last sport news update in London on Sunday night.

Newsreader Rachel Schofield at London TVC threw to Olly Foster in the new studio at MediaCityUK in what appeared to be a seamless link.

It comes as the first migration of staff to the BBC North hub enters its final stage, with BBC Breakfast starting daily broadcasts from Salford on April 10.

Nick Dickson, managing editor for Sport TV News, admitted his department's relocation had, unsurprisingly, been a 'big upheaval for everyone'.

Olly Foster Olly Foster presenting the first tv bulletin from the BBC Sport Centre in Salford

Although Sport had the highest proportion of staff moving from London compared to Learning, Children's and Radio 5live, Dickson said: 'Losing colleagues, who are friends that worked hard for us in the last 10-12 years, is a big, big upheaval, but we've got great new people who are enthusiastic.

'In the last few weeks new people have started and there's a real buzz about everything because they're keen to learn and they just want to be on air now.'

Foster is the only regular News channel presenter who has moved to Salford, where he is now joined by Katie Gornall, Katherine Downes and Damian Johnson on sport news-reading duties.

Andrew Lindsay and Jenny Culshaw will also host updates for the BBC News channel, as will Mike Bushell and Sally Nugent who will move to Salford to present BBC Breakfast's sport news.

Sport bulletins for BBC World News will start in an adjacent studio next Monday, with a presentation team led by Amelia Harris and Karthi Gnanasegaram, along with Phil Jones.

Technology challenge
Gallery staff BBC staff are working with gallery colleagues from external company The Farm

Both sets will be operated from one gallery, which means that bulletins for the News channel have shifted back by 15 minutes to the half-hour mark, to avoid clashing with World News round-ups.

Adopting the yellow-and-black colouring of the BBC Sport logo, the new studio for domestic bulletins has a more 'dynamic and pacy' look according to Dickson, with viewers able to see some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the newsroom.

Dickson says the biggest challenge has been new technology, 'In London, we were part of the News machine and so we had a lot of galleries and technical back-up. Here we've had to set up a gallery, two studios, and there's been the technical fit-out including new editing equipment and a new ingest hub called Sportswire.'

Relocating staff have to also had to deal with moving 200 miles and they will be working with gallery staff from an external company called The Farm.

'They've been brilliant because, in the last two months, they've had to learn about the new kit and the ways we try to do things,' says Dickson. 'We couldn't have done this without the support of colleagues in Sport, tech ops and across MediaCity.'

  • More than 2000 staff are now based at BBC North, although DQF plans mean 1000 extra posts will move to Salford in the next few years, including BBC Three.

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