Yemen must protect journalists - BBC

Abdullah Ghorab

The BBC has called on the Yemeni authorities to protect journalists working in the country, after a BBC Arabic correspondent was attacked while working in the capital Sana'a.

Abdullah Ghorab was covering a demonstration yesterday when he was deliberately targeted by a gang carrying batons and knives, who appeared to be supporters of the outgoing president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Ghorab managed to escape but his two brothers were badly beaten. Ghorab has previously been detained and assaulted twice in Yemen, and has also been verbally attacked by the country's deputy Information Minister.

Liliane Landor, controller, Language Services, World Service said: 'We are deeply concerned that this was a deliberate attack and we condemn it in the strongest terms. We call on the authorities in Yemen to ensure the safety of all journalists reporting from the country in very difficult circumstances.'

BBC journalists have been targeted by supporters of various regimes during the turbulent months since the 'Arab spring.'

This year alone Foreign Editor Jon Williams has called on the Syrian authorities to stop harassing BBC staff in Damascus, and Global News has complained about the Iranian government intimidating the families of BBC Persian staff, and spreading misinformation.


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