BBC Four to exhibit rotting food in Edinburgh

Dr George McGavin at Edinburgh Zoo Dr George McGavin will explore the process of decay at the set in Edinburgh Zoo

Visitors to Edinburgh Zoo will be able to watch food decompose as part of new BBC Four documentary After Life.

From this Saturday, spectators can watch meat and vegetables rot over a two-month period, either on the programme's website or outside a glass box surrounding a purpose-built kitchen and garden.

The 6m x 6m set also includes dead mice in cavity areas and only BBC staff will be allowed entry for filming.

Presenter Dr George McGavin said the After Life team wanted to reveal the science of decay. 'Nature's ability to recycle the building blocks of life is often overlooked, but this process is central to the survival of every species on the planet - without it there would be no cycle of life.'

He added: 'We believe we will see a lot of bug and bacteria action, but we just don't know what will happen as there has never been anything quite on this scale before.'

The exhibit will run until September 25 and the documentary will air before Christmas. BBC Learning will provide clips for use in schools early next year.

After Life is a BBC Scotland project, co-produced with Discovery and BBC Worldwide. Watch the process of decay at


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