Commercial broadcasters to use BBC’s carbon calculator

Screengrab from BBC's Sustainability website The BBC aims to cut energy consumption by 20% by 2013 as part of its sustainability campaign

Albert - the BBC's carbon calculator - will now be used by other broadcasters including ITV, Channel 4 and Talkback Thames.

The online tool, developed by the BBC last year as part of its sustainability plan, is mandatory for all programme teams in BBC Vision and Children's.

Now a BAFTA-led consortia will build on the work and ensure the calculator can be used by any broadcaster and indie.

Kevin Price, BAFTA chief operating officer said: 'As a charity, the Academy's remit is to lead the creative industries in the pursuit of excellence and putting sustainability at the top of the agenda in this way will encourage new, more creative ways of working which will influence the next generation of practitioners.'

Cutting energy bills

It is thought that the BBC is the first broadcaster in the world to develop a carbon calculator for TV programmes.

Sally Debonnaire, controller of production operations at BBC Vision, said usage of Albert would help programme-makers save money, while also lowering their environmental impact. 'TV producers who want to cut carbon and reduce their company's energy bills no longer have to worry if they don't know where to start.'

The BBC has set targets for 2013 on its environmental impact, including 20% reductions in energy consumption and 25% reduction in waste to landfill.

Other members of the new consortia developing Albert's usage are IMG, Shine, Twofour and Kudos Film and TV, who are supported by a range of technical services.


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