The BBC Written Archives

The BBC Written Archives

An interview with Jacquie Kavanagh, BBC Written Archivist

Explore the history of broadcasting and uncover the story behind the programmes with this exclusive tour from Jacquie Kavanagh, the BBC's written archivist.


The Caribbean Service

The BBC didn't just broadcast to the United Kingdom. It also broadcast overseas. One of the services was the Caribbean Service for the West Indies and they produced a little booklet called 'Going to Britain', which is intended for people in the West Indies who are wondering whether to emigrate to Britain, and it covers all kinds of aspects of their journey and the questions they might have in their minds before they go. It's "the journey, living in England, employment and your private life", it's divided up into. The climate in England, of course, is very different from the West Indies. "It's wise for you to remember that England is a cold country, that it is way up north, colder than anything you have ever felt. In winter all the water outside freezes, that is, turns to ice. Everybody's shivering, though protected with warm sweaters, leather gloves, woollen coats and thick-soled shoes. Are you prepared for this type of cold climate, with its icy winds, its sleet and snow?" It's extremely rare, this book, because, of course, they were all sent to the Caribbean and probably nobody kept them. But we do have a copy in the archives.

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