Browse person - Wallis Simpson

Also known as:

  • Wallis (Duchess of Windsor)


Round-Up : Duke and Duchess of Windsor Visit England
Broadcast: 1967
The Windsors' first official royal engagement in Britain since the abdication.

Edward, HRH Duke of Windsor
Broadcast: 1970
Kenneth Harris interviews the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Tuesday Documentary : The Uncrowned King
Broadcast: 1972
What kind of monarch might Edward VIII have been?

The House of Windsor : Lady Bridget Monckton
Recorded: 1977
Lady Monckton discusses her husband's friendship with King Edward VIII.

The House of Windsor : Lady Alexandra Metcalfe
Broadcast: 1977
Recollections of a friend of Edward, Prince of Wales.

All About Books : Diana Mosley
Broadcast: 1980
Russell Harty interviews Diana Mosley about her biography of the Duchess of Windsor.

Timewatch : Windsors' War
Broadcast: 1982
John Tusa opens up the Windsors debate.

A Foot in the Door : Alex Dempster
Broadcast: 1983
How King Edward VIII's affair was made public.

What If ? : Edward VIII
Broadcast: 1993
What might have happened if King Edward VIII had remained on the throne?


John Reith's Diary
Written: 1936
An eyewitness account of the King's abdication.

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