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The Great Egg Race : When the Petrol Runs Out
Broadcast: 1983
Inventing a petrol-free vehicle.

The Great Egg Race : Cause for Alarm
Broadcast: 1984
Contestants rig alarms to protect a secret document.

The Great Egg Race : Putting On the Pressure
Broadcast: 1984
How to build a steam engine.

The Great Egg Race : Time for Tea
Broadcast: 1984
Contestants grapple with the physics of a tea-making device.

The Great Egg Race : Igloos
Broadcast: 1985
This episode of the series takes a chilly break from the norm.

The Great Egg Race : Huskies
Broadcast: 1985
The teams compete to construct a mechanical husky.

The Great Egg Race : The Robot Piano Player
Broadcast: 1985
Can the teams make beautiful music together?

The Great Egg Race : Hovercraft
Broadcast: 1985
Heinz Wolff arrives at an aeroplane hangar on a hovercraft.

The Great Egg Race : Back to Nature
Broadcast: 1986
The semi-finalists practise self-sufficiency in the studio.

The Great Egg Race : The Oil Platform
Broadcast: 1986
The last episode of the final series.

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