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Fun to Imagine : 1: Jiggling Atoms
Broadcast: 1983
'I get a kick out of thinking about these things.'

Fun to Imagine : 2: Stretching, Pulling and Pushing
Broadcast: 1983
Why rubber bands stretch and why magnets are magnetic.

Fun to Imagine : 3: How to Enjoy a Trip to the Dentist
Broadcast: 1983
The mystery of magnetic and electrical forces.

Fun to Imagine : 4: How Mirrors Turn You Inside Out
Broadcast: 1983
Richard Feynman discusses the 'psychology' of mirrors.

Fun to Imagine : 5: Big Numbers
Broadcast: 1983
Richard Feynman talks about the role of imagination in astronomy.

Fun to Imagine : 6: Ways of Thinking
Broadcast: 1983
Feynman ponders the process of thinking.

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