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'Radio Times' Presents the Third Doctor Who
Written: 1970
Jon Pertwee's Doctor Who graces the front cover of 'Radio Times'.

Audience Research Report: 'Spearhead from Space'
Written: 1970
Viewers share their thoughts on Jon Pertwee's first 'Doctor Who' story.

Audience Research Report: 'Robot'
Written: 1975
Viewers review Tom Baker's debut as the Doctor.

'Radio Times' on 'Two Edwardian Chassis'
Written: 1970
'Doctor Who' star Jon Pertwee shows off his new car.


Jon Pertwee and Kirk Stevens at a BBC microphone, 1955.

Jon Pertwee in 1960.

The Navy Lark cast, dressed in naval uniforms. Tenniel Evans, Ronnie Barker, Jon Pertwee, Leslie Phillips, Stephen Murray and Michael Bates.

Jon Pertwee and a Yeti.

Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant.

Jon Pertwee, with his cape open dramatically, stands behind Elisabeth Sladen.

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