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Space: Flying Visits : Are We Alone?
Broadcast: 2005
Does ET really exist? Is there life on other worlds?

Space: Flying Visits : Boldly Go
Broadcast: 2005
Solar sails and wormholes may provide man with a key to the stars.

Space: Flying Visits : Staying Alive
Broadcast: 2005
The perilous orbits of planet Earth.

Space: Flying Visits : New Worlds
Broadcast: 2005
The Sun brings our planet life, but will one day destroy it.

Space: Flying Visits : Destination Mars
Broadcast: 2005
Heavy doses of radiation and solar flares stand between us and Mars.

Space: Flying Visits : Black Holes
Broadcast: 2005
Enter the world of the universe's ultimate killer, the black hole.

Space: Flying Visits : Star Stuff
Broadcast: 2005
Sam Neill reveals there's a bit of a star in all of us.

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