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Tomorrow's World : Review of the 1970s
Broadcast: 1979
Looking back at some of the stories of the last decade.

Tomorrow's World : Review of 1980
Broadcast: 1980
A compilation of items from 1980.

Tomorrow's World : Hissing Sid
Broadcast: 1981
Kieran Prendiville takes on a snooker-playing robot.

Tomorrow's World : 13 May 1982
Broadcast: 1982
A fish that comes with its own chips.

Tomorrow's World : 14 October 1982
Broadcast: 1982
Touch-screen computers, angioplasty, water for marathon runners and very spoilt cows.

Tomorrow's World : Christmas 1982
Broadcast: 1982
A seasonal special brings 1982 to a close.

Tomorrow's World : 3 March 1983
Broadcast: 1983
A cure for jet-lag, book restoration, holograms and a useful boat-trailer.

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