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Broadcast: 1981
More allegations surface of double agents within MI5.

Newsnight : Fall of the Berlin Wall
Broadcast: 1989
Reporting live from Berlin at the dawn of a new era for the city and the world.

Six O'Clock News : Election '92
Broadcast: 1992
The swingometer goes large for 1992.

Nine O'Clock News : Analysis of the 1997 election.
Broadcast: 1997
Peter Snow drives the graphics for the 1997 election.

Tomorrow's World : Bond and Beyond Special
Broadcast: 1999
What does the future hold for the gadgetry of 007?

Newsnight : A preview of 2005's election coverage.
Broadcast: 2005
A virtual swingometer for Peter Snow in 2005.


Peter Snow with a results indicator in the studio on election night, 1983.

Peter Snow with a results graphic on election night, 1987.

Peter Snow by the swingometer on the set of 'Election 97'.

Peter Snow rehearsing in the studio with the virtual swingometer.

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