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Edward VIII, King of Great Britain
Recorded: 1936
Edward VIII's first message to the Empire as King.

Abdication of King Edward VIII : Farewell Speech from Windsor Castle
Broadcast: 1936
'The decision I have made has been mine - and mine alone.'


Enid Blyton's husband writes to the BBC Director General.
Written: 1938
Hugh Pollock drops a line to Sir John Reith on behalf of his wife.

John Reith's Diary
Written: 1936
An eyewitness account of the King's abdication.

Sir John Reith replies to Hugh Pollock's letter.
Written: 1938
The BBC Director General offers to help Enid Blyton.

Memo concerning HG Wells's Russian Talk
Written: 1931
Concerns that Wells has not submitted a manuscript go right to the top.

Memo from Hilda Matheson to John Reith regarding HG Wells broadcast
Written: 1929
Will HG Wells's broadcast require 'toning down'?

Record of Conversation with Sir John Reith
Written: 1940
A BBC Director-General disagrees with his predecessor.

Enid Blyton writes to Sir John Reith.
Written: 1938
The children's author tells the BBC Director General her 'story so far'.

Minutes from a Programmes in Wartime Committee Meeting
Written: 1937
What will the BBC's role be during war?

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