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Evacuation of Children
Recorded: 1939
Teachers and a schoolgirl describe settling down in the country.

Sir William Beveridge Announcement
Broadcast: 1942
Beveridge outlines his proposals for a new welfare state.

State Organised Medicine
Broadcast: 1943
Two doctors debate the pros and cons of joining a National Health Service.

News : Air Ambulance
Broadcast: 1949
The air ambulance of Renfrew is called into action.

News : Royal Visit to Lancashire
Broadcast: 1949
A warm Lancashire welcome for the royal couple as they visit Liverpool and Manchester.

News Special : Blockade Ends
Broadcast: 1949
Mass airlifts break Soviet hold on Berlin.

News : Royal Visit to Alderney
Broadcast: 1949
Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh meet delighted crowds.

News : Channel Islands Welcome Royal Visitors
Broadcast: 1949
A visit to Sark, Jersey and Guernsey by the royal couple.

Newsreel : Operation Pegasus
Broadcast: 1950
News report on the first live television filming from the air.

News : Ed Murrow on the Berlin Situation
Broadcast: 1961
Ed Murrow is interviewed on his return from West Berlin.

Time Out : The Four Steamers
Broadcast: 1964
'Diesel engines are machines, steam locomotives are practically human.'

Artists' Notebooks : Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)
Broadcast: 1964
A programme for schools on the life and art of Van Gogh.

News Report : Brian Epstein
Broadcast: 1964
Brian Epstein talks about managing The Beatles, Cilla Black and other artists.

Enquiry : Portrait of a GP
Broadcast: 1965
Is the health service on the brink of collapse?

Billy Fury Interview
Recorded: 1973
Liverpool's first king of rock discusses his career.

News : Big Ben Repaired
Broadcast: 1976
Repairs to the great Westminster clock are completed.

How We Worked Then : Medicine
Broadcast: 1991
Doctors, patients and chemists share their memories of medical treatment before the NHS.


Letter from Enid Blyton to 'Children's Hour' director.
Written: 1940
The children's author tries again to work for the BBC.

BBC Staff Newspaper Extract
Written: 1969
A feature on 'Bird's Eye View'.

Cancellation of Army Officers' and Men's Broadcasts
Written: 1940
All broadcasts from officers and men in the army are to be stopped.

'The Only Real Remedy Lies with the BBC'
Written: 1940
Lord Haw-Haw is a risk to military morale.

German High Command Communique
Written: 1940
The Ministry of Information refutes Nazi claims.

Honour French Allied Troops
Written: 1940
Recognition for the part played by the French.

Directive Updating Programme Makers on the Situation with Russia.
Written: 1941
Programme makers are warned of continuing sensitivities with Russia.

Ministry of Information Instructions
Written: 1940
A BBC memo highlights censorship communication problems.

The Langham incident - A report on a disturbance at the hotel
Written: 1941
The case of the locked door.

Operation Pegasus Causes Problems
Written: 1950
The Head of Television Programmes criticises 'Operation Pegasus'.

Television Weekly Programme Review Notes on 'Panorama: The Comrades'
Written: 1986
The BBC considers the impact of one of its programmes.

Telephone Message from Mr Wellington, Ministry of Information
Written: 1940
The Ministry of Information sends an urgent message forbidding interviews with servicemen.

BBC Memo About Communication Difficulties with the War Office
Written: 1940
The unprecedented demands of broadcasting in wartime continue to cause problems.

London Calling: The 'Curlew' at Dunkirk
Written: 1940
A yachtsman tells of his voyage to Dunkirk.

Operation Pegasus Memo
Written: 1950
The costs of the first live broadcast from the air.

Internal memo reviews an Enid Blyton story.
Written: 1940
It's thumbs down for 'The Monkey and the Barrel-Organ'.

General MacFarlane's Broadcast
Written: 1940
The Ministry of Information stops further broadcasts by a general.

Policy for Officers and Men Broadcasting
Written: 1940
The War Office reconfirm their policy on broadcasts by serving officers and men.

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