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Man Alive : Not in Our Class, Dear
Broadcast: 1966
How class conscious are we? Can Britain ever be a classless society?

Man Alive : Living in Sin
Broadcast: 1966
Why are modern couples rejecting traditional values?

Man Alive : Marriage Under Stress: 1: Children
Broadcast: 1967
How children have altered the lives of young married couples.

Man Alive : Marriage Under Stress: 2: Breaking Point
Broadcast: 1967
Some of the reasons for the breakdown of marriage are explored.

Man Alive : Marriage Under Stress: 3: Put Asunder
Broadcast: 1967
Life after divorce in the 1960s.

Man Alive : Top Class People
Broadcast: 1967
How working-class celebrities like Twiggy became fashionable.

Man Alive : Consenting Adults: 1. The Men
Broadcast: 1967
Will a change in the law save homosexuals from blackmail and fear?

Man Alive : Consenting Adults: 2. The Women
Broadcast: 1967
Can a lesbian ever find true happiness?

Man Alive : For Richer, for Poorer
Broadcast: 1967
An invitation to the wedding of Norma and Barry - and Diana and Tim.

Man Alive : Packing Up and Moving Out
Broadcast: 1967
Two mining families make the decision to move from Northumberland to Nottingham.

Man Alive : The Few
Broadcast: 1969
What 'The Few' did next.

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