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Monitor : PG Wodehouse
Broadcast: 1958
The creator of Jeeves and Wooster talks about his writing life.

Panorama : Cuba
Broadcast: 1963
Castro celebrates 10 years since the first uprising against the former regime.

Panorama : Race Problems around the World
Broadcast: 1964
Racial tension around the world grows at the moment Nelson Mandela is imprisoned.

Panorama : Bank Holidays
Broadcast: 1964
Just how bad will the bank holiday traffic be 20 years from now - in 1984?

People for Tomorrow : Selma James: Our Time Is Coming
Broadcast: 1971
Will women's work always be underpaid and under-appreciated?

The Mysterious Stranger
Broadcast: 1985
The story of the man who warned the Allies about the Final Solution.


Letter from a Cameraman About 'Panorama'
Written: 1964
A South African cameraman describes his reaction to press reports on 'Panorama'.

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