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Chronicle : Aphrodite's Other Island
Broadcast: 1978
Follow the results of an excavation at the Bronze Age site of Phylakopi.

Chronicle : Tomb of the Lost King
Broadcast: 1979
Spectacular archaeological discoveries of ancient tombs in northern Greece.

Chronicle : Digging from the Air
Broadcast: 1979
Britain's ancient past is discovered from the air.

Chronicle : Lost Kings of the Desert
Broadcast: 1979
An exploration of a lost city in the middle of the desert in Iraq.

Timewatch : Windsors' War
Broadcast: 1982
John Tusa opens up the Windsors debate.

Chronicle : Lost City of the Incas
Broadcast: 1984
Special 'Chronicle' expedition across the Andes and into the Peruvian jungle.

Chronicle : Sutton Hoo
Broadcast: 1989
Excavations at Sutton Hoo cast new light on Anglo-Saxon culture.

Chronicle : Digging for Slaves
Broadcast: 1989
Archaeology unearths the past histories of African slaves in America.

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