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Directive Updating Programme Makers on the Situation with Russia.
Written: 1941
Programme makers are warned of continuing sensitivities with Russia.

'Sensations': BBC Northern Ireland Director expresses his disapproval of the play.
Written: 1947
Concerns that this play could damage the BBC's relationships in Northern Ireland.

Memos Regarding Jokes about Russia
Written: 1941
As Germany invades Russia, the BBC ponders the appropriateness of humour.

Letter of recommendation from Cambridge University
Written: 1935
The relative merits of three Cambridge graduates are assessed by the university.

Sensation: Note for file re Titanic programme
Written: 1947
A summary of the brewing controversy.

Memo quoting a recommendation for Burgess
Written: 1935
A Cambridge don provides a reference for Guy Burgess

'Sensations': Internal Memo re: government pressure to stop broadcast
Written: 1947
A chance meeting in a gentlemen's club brings the controversy to an end.

Directive Instructing Programme Makers to Take Care with Russia
Written: 1940
BBC bosses advise programme makers to tread carefully when referring to Russia.

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