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The Sky at Night : The Moon
Broadcast: 1960
Man goes into space - next stop: the moon!

The Sky at Night : Life on the Moon
Broadcast: 1961
Is there life on the moon?

The Sky at Night Special : 1969, Year of Space
Broadcast: 1969
Remembering the moon landings and exploring the solar system.

The Man Who Shot at the Moon
Broadcast: 1970
An interview with former NASA chief Dr Thomas Paine.

Q.E.D. : Round Britain Whizz
Broadcast: 1986
Britain's coastline as you've never seen it before.

Spaced Out : Christmas Moon Special
Broadcast: 1995
A Christmas conversation about the moon.

The Things We Forgot to Remember : Apollo 8
Broadcast: 2005
Michael Portillo revisits the race to the moon.

The Sky at Night : A Night to Remember
Broadcast: 2006
Looking back to 20 July 1969.

The Sky at Night : Last Man on the Moon
Broadcast: 2007
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of 'The Sky at Night' with Eugene Cernan.

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