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Bird's Eye View : The Englishman's Home
Broadcast: 1969
The first episode of a groundbreaking series on Britain as viewed from the air.

Bird's Eye View : Green and Pleasant Land
Broadcast: 1969
What were the implications for a countryside under constant threat of development?

Bird's Eye View : Beside the Seaside
Broadcast: 1969
Britain's seaside life, viewed from the air.

The Man Who Shot at the Moon
Broadcast: 1970
An interview with former NASA chief Dr Thomas Paine.

Bird's Eye View : From Bishop Rock to Muckle Flugga
Broadcast: 1970
An aerial journey from a lighthouse in the South West to the north of the Shetland Isles.

Bird's Eye View : Wales: the Western Stronghold
Broadcast: 1971
Take a journey over land and through time with this film of Wales shot entirely from the air.

The War Lords : Churchill
Broadcast: 1976
AJP Taylor appraises the successes and failures of Winston Churchill.


BBC Staff Newspaper Extract
Written: 1969
A feature on 'Bird's Eye View'.

A Letter from John Betjeman
Written: 1968
Helicopter filming causes problems for John Betjeman and chaos ensues at Longleat.

A Letter from John Betjeman
Written: 1968
Ideas for the first 'Bird's Eye View' episode.

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